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Expand your reach and service more patients through your customized website
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Digital Presence

With the help of our simple website builder, you can create your own customized website to discover more patients. You increase your clinic's discovery with the help of SEO friendly content. The online appointment booking system lets patient know your availaibility and book appointments. They can also make cashless payment easily through our secured payment gateaway and secure their appointments


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Grow your practice with your personalized responsive website

  • Customized website according to the theme of the clinic
  • Chose banners and pictures representative of the services
  • Increase profile visibility and availability to the patients

Increase clinic discovery with SEO friendly content

  • Include Meta tags and description
  • Our customer service team supports for SEO friendly content
  • SEO friendly URL suggestion for easy finding of the website

Show your availability and increase appointments

  • Shows available time slots for booking
  • Integrates all modes of consultations video, phone, chat and in-clinic
  • Integrated clinic app, EHR and online booking for consultations

Collect payment from patients with integrated payment gateway

  • Choose fees for different consultation modes
  • Easy transaction and fee payments
  • Highly secured and quick payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1How much time will I take to create my personal website?

Our website builder is very easy to use and quite intuitive as it auto-populates most information from the data you have entered during the registration. You can easily add any missing information on the website builder to keep it updated

2I dont have any technical knowledge of how webwsite is created. Will I still be able to create website using this tool?

The website builder has a very intuitive interface and was made keeping doctors in mind. You can simply add your content at relevant places and publish your website.

3What are the costs associated with the maintenence of website?

There are no additional costs for the maintenance just your normal subcription charges with us.

4I have my own domain and will want to host the website using the same?

This is possible. You need to approach the customer success team with your query and they will guide you with the process. There is time and cost associated to do this.

5Can the name of the website be changed at a later point in time?

No, website name is a one time process and can't be changed in the future

6How does the patient login and appointment booking work on the website

Patients will be able to login and book their appointments with you from the website. If they dont want to login, they can book as guest too.

Our amazing app features

Services we provide

Doctor Paitent

Health Profile

Maintain and share your and your family's health records

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously

Appointment Booking

Book appointments round the clock

Virtual Consultation

Consult doctors via video, text, call

Digital health records

Maintain and share health records electronically

Payment Management

Go cashless and settle bills on time

Health Profile

Your patients can keep their health profile updated

Health Monitoring

Realtime vital monitoring of your patients based on need

Appointment Booking

Your patients can book appointment with you 24/7

Virtual Consultation

Your patients can join online consultations from their patient app

Digital health records

Your patients can view, search health records

Payment Management

Your patients can pay online or at clinic