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Take your practice online with our online consultation app

Increase your approval rating by giving opportunity to patients to consult with you from the ease of their homes
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Online Consultation

With our online consultation feature, you will be able to make the shift to online consultation via video, call or text from whereever you are. You will be able to make real-time communication with your patients through our quality online consutlation platform. Our platform enables online consultation by optimizing bandwidth, is secure and has high uptime. We also have the provision for EHR and EMR to help you easily write and share prescription with your patients.


Built to provide speed, convenience, efficiency and scalability


Interact with patients seamlessly with consultation platform

  • Make real connection with patients throuh HD quality video and audio
  • Customize the view depending on the task being performed
  • Get notified when the patient joins the waiting room

Write and share prescription with integrated EHR and EMR

  • View patient health records during consultantation with the patient
  • Write and share prescriptions from the same interface
  • Write electronic or pen-paper prescription

All features of the app available to your registered patients

  • 99.99% uptime to customers measured across entire usage
  • ISO complaint
  • Ability to adjust resolutions basis bandwidth availability

Stay connected with your patients with notifications

  • Send automated notification to patients as reminders
  • Reschedule the appointments if needed
  • Flexibility to schedule appointments at any time through any mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1What equipments do I need offer online consultations to my patients?

You will need either a laptop or a mobile device with approx 10mbps of internet connection to run online consultation. An integrated web cam/camera and a microphone will be need too.

2What is the consent requirement guidelines for a online consultations and does the platform adheres to that?

"Patient consent is mandatory incase of a online consultation. We capture patient consent when he books an online consultation via the patient app, website and also when he clicks the join button for the online consultation. "

3How much does the online consultation cost to me?

Online consultations are charged basis per consultation and is available on your dashboard with service details. This is billed once a month basis your usage

4Is the recording possilbe for the online consultation?

Online consultation recording is not possilbe as we want to maintain the patient doctor relationship and ensure that the consultation happens in as natural a way as possible

5How will I get paid for the online consultations I do?

The payment gateway is securely integrated in the online consultation app and recognises your payment as soon as it is received. You will receive the payment basis the settlement guidlelines in our terms of use and business agreement

6Can I create different shifts and timings for the online consultation?

Yes, you will be able to keep whatever timings you want for the in-clinic as well as the virtual consultation.

Our amazing app features

Services we provide

Doctor Paitent

Health Profile

Maintain and share your and your family's health records

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously

Appointment Booking

Book appointments round the clock

Virtual Consultation

Consult doctors via video, text, call

Digital health records

Maintain and share health records electronically

Payment Management

Go cashless and settle bills on time

Health Profile

Your patients can keep their health profile updated

Health Monitoring

Realtime vital monitoring of your patients based on need

Appointment Booking

Your patients can book appointment with you 24/7

Virtual Consultation

Your patients can join online consultations from their patient app

Digital health records

Your patients can view, search health records

Payment Management

Your patients can pay online or at clinic