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Efficiently manage your appointments with our online calendar

Do away with time consuming calls by making your calendar available with everyone
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Consolidated Calendar

With the help of our online calendar, you will be able to see all your appointments seperated by consultation mode at one place. You will be able to start all your consultation from the calendar and complete upto prescription too. The design docused intuitive interface will make things easier for you


Built to provide speed, convenience, efficiency and scalability


Democratize appoint booking with real-time calendar

  • Shows you your availability across locations, timing and consultaton modes
  • Manage appointments on the go
  • Automated notifications, reminders to reduce no shows

Fill your last minute cancelled slot

  • Offer round the clock appointment booking with availability details
  • Offer consultation booking across modes from the same interface
  • Easy payment options across all modes

Stay organized with our calendar

  • Integrate all calendar into our one dynamic calendar
  • Share real-time calendar with partners and patients
  • Internal meetings and patient appointments both displayed in one calendar

Manage time better with all-in-one team calendar

  • Give accessibilty to the staff members for the calendar
  • Schedule a meeting with the team members of clinic
  • Make appointment scheduling at clinic easier

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1Is it possible for me to shcedule notification reminders for myself and my patients?

Yes, appointment booking reminders are auto scheduled and will be sent you and your patients as well

2We have multiple doctors in our clinic and how will adminstrative staff know the availability of any one of us

The admin staff will have access to the calendar which would show your real time availability and hence he can confirm or reject any appointment

3I offer only virtual consultation to my patients. Will all modes of consultation be shown to the doctors?

Yes, You can select the services that you offer and if you can add or remove any mode of consultation yourself.

4Will my patients be able to book appointments directly from the patient app

Yes, the patient app will be synced with your calendar too and they can book appoinments from there too

5How will my appointments for different consultation modes appear on the calendar

The different consultation modes are color coded and shown on the calendar according to the mode of consultation on a particular date and time.

6Will my clinical staff be able to book appointments on the calender for me?

Yes, if the admin rights are given to the clinic staff, they can book appointments as well.

Our amazing app features

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Health Profile

Maintain and share your and your family's health records

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously

Appointment Booking

Book appointments round the clock

Virtual Consultation

Consult doctors via video, text, call

Digital health records

Maintain and share health records electronically

Payment Management

Go cashless and settle bills on time

Health Profile

Your patients can keep their health profile updated

Health Monitoring

Realtime vital monitoring of your patients based on need

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Your patients can book appointment with you 24/7

Virtual Consultation

Your patients can join online consultations from their patient app

Digital health records

Your patients can view, search health records

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