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Provide realtime health records of patients with our EHR module

Make patients more satisified by increasing clinical precision with the use of digital health records
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With our EMR module designed specifically for primary healthcare, you will be able to write and store health records easily. You can uppload paper-pencil prescription as well as a digitally created one. The use of SNOMED CT terminology helps take health records analysis to the next level


Built to provide speed, convenience, efficiency and scalability


Record prescription via pen-paper or digitally

  • Share prescriptions with patients digitally
  • Stored at both patients and clinic's end to be used later with consent
  • Easy to use as built for primary care

Benefit with the standards for decision making

  • EMR integrated with SNOMED CT terminology for standardization
  • Decide whether to use standard terminology or go with your own notes
  • Most commonly used terms at the dispense

Quick decisions with intuitive design

  • Vitals shared and stored, and retrived for monitoring requirement
  • Quick search option for specific section of record
  • Option to filter health records based on need

Make case notes and include in prescription or not

  • Include the notes with EHR and EMR
  • Make notes visible to patients basis your need
  • Review history of family members basis need

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1I'm used to writing prescriptions on paper for my patients. Can I continue doing the same and still benefit?

Yes, you can continue to write the prescriptions on paper and upload the same. This will be available with the patients for future use.

2I am used to recording consultation notes without the use of terminology. Can I continue doing that?

Yes, you can select whether you want to use standards based terminology like SNOMED CT or not. The use of SNOMED CT will provide benefits from with analytics

3There are times when I dont want to share my notes as a part of the prescription to patient. Does everything that i write goes as a part of the prescription to the patient

We have included an option whether you want to include notes as a part of prescription or not. If you dont't want to include that as a part of the prescription, you will be able to do so.

4Will I have the access to past records while I write the current presecription?

Yes, you will be able to move back and forth between current prescription and past health records of the patients as they are stored in electronic format

5Will all the doctors of the clinic will have access to all the electronic health records or electronic medical records of all the patients registered with the clinic?

The doctos of the clinic will have access to all the EHR and EMR of the patients, only when they provide access to them.

6How will I be able to search the past records of the patients?

After going to the Patients page which consists of details of the patient, go to the healh records of the patients and you will be able to see the past records.

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Doctor Paitent

Health Profile

Maintain and share your and your family's health records

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously

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Book appointments round the clock

Virtual Consultation

Consult doctors via video, text, call

Digital health records

Maintain and share health records electronically

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Go cashless and settle bills on time

Health Profile

Your patients can keep their health profile updated

Health Monitoring

Realtime vital monitoring of your patients based on need

Appointment Booking

Your patients can book appointment with you 24/7

Virtual Consultation

Your patients can join online consultations from their patient app

Digital health records

Your patients can view, search health records

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