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Automate your clinic tasks with our clinic management app

Save your precious time, Increase patient interactions, enhance your relationship and retain them for life
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Clinic Management

With our online clinic feature, you can build your virtual clinic in minutes and start conducting online consultations. You can manage your team, engage patients, check your schedule from the safe confines of your home or clinic. Our dynamic dashboard will show you the schedule of your team members and help you to stay connected to them. You can also stay in touch with your patients 24/7 and send them notifications and reminders for appointments.


Built to provide speed, convenience, efficiency and scalability


Reach out to new patients with online clinic

  • Discover and consult new patients
  • Manage patients anytime, anywhere
  • Deliver services the way a patient want

With our app, manage your practice safety from anywhere

  • Easy registration and team setup to get started
  • Reminders, notifications and chat for easy communication
  • Integrated payment gateway for easy payment

Manage your and your team's tasks with a single dashboard

  • Single window information for all tasks
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 connectivity with team members

Monitor patient wellbeing with real time reminders

  • All data in one place and accessible all the time basic patient consent
  • Patients can share their vitals and other reports for feedback
  • Reports in-sync with patient data

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1Are the apps used by me and the patient same or different?

No, the app used by you and your patients are different. Clinic managerment App focusses on easing your task with focus on key activities that you perform whereas the patient app is a medium for patients to stay registered with you and the clinic.

2How will I be able to set up my team of doctor's and admin staff on the clinic management software or app?

The clinic management app will allow you to first get registered with the app and then enter the details of your team of doctor's and admin staff in the following stages. You can add them manually or upload a .csv file containing all the details.

3Will I be able to set up my fees, consultation time, and consultation mode for the users?

Yes, all of these are configurable for you and your team members.

4I'm a single person managing the clinic and don't have any technical expertise as well? How will I move forward?

The app is designed in such a way that it doesn't require any technical expertise. Still, a video tutorial will be provided to you containing a step by step guide for the registration process. Our customer success team will be ready to help you at each step.

5How do I pay you for the services availled for the online clinic management software/app?

The subscription fee for the clinic management software/app is to be paid in advance and for the recurring charges we will raise a monthly invoice for the services consumed.

6 Is the trail account free? How can I upgrade from the trial account to the paid account and what happens to my data during this period?

Yes, you need not pay any money while using trial account. You can upgrade by paying the subscription fee from within the clinic management app/software or by contacting our customer success team. Your entire data will remain intact basic the terms of use and privacy policy.

Our amazing app features

Services we provide

Doctor Paitent

Health Profile

Maintain and share your and your family's health records

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously

Appointment Booking

Book appointments round the clock

Virtual Consultation

Consult doctors via video, text, call

Digital health records

Maintain and share health records electronically

Payment Management

Go cashless and settle bills on time

Health Profile

Your patients can keep their health profile updated

Health Monitoring

Realtime vital monitoring of your patients based on need

Appointment Booking

Your patients can book appointment with you 24/7

Virtual Consultation

Your patients can join online consultations from their patient app

Digital health records

Your patients can view, search health records

Payment Management

Your patients can pay online or at clinic